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?Brief Introduction

  National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA) is affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is?an national level institute which offers in-service training programs for leaders from schools of various types and levels and for leaders from local education authorities at all levels. It is an important institute for leaders to strengthen their faith to the Communist Party of China and to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory , "Three Represents" Important Thought, the Concept of Scientific Development and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It plays significant role in China’s educational research and education decision-making consultation.

  NAEA was founded in 1955 with approval of Chairman Mao Zedong. It initated?training for educational leaders in the People’s Republic of China. Since its establishment it has received cordial attentions from the Party and the State leaders. On April 29 1957, Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping cordially met all the participants and took a group photo with them in Zhongnanhai. On May 18, 1999, Jiang Zemin wrote inscription for NAEA which reads: " Stress theoretical study, political awareness and good conduct. Strive to provide good training for administrators". Since the Eighteenth CPC Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core leader attaches great importance to leadership development. Party General Secretary Xi Jinping?points out “?By learning members of Communist Party of China have come through all the way here today. Any by learning we march into future.”?In the 19th?CPC Congress Report, Party General Secretary Xi Jinping?stressed “The ability to learn must be enhanced. We shall culture an atmosphere of good learning and good practice. We shall build Marxism and learning oriented governing party. We shall build China into a great country of learning.”?His?series of public speeches and written instructions have pointed out the direction of development for NAEA.

  Since its founding NAEA has trained hundred of thousands education leaders. It is known as "the cradle for?education leaders" and is affectionately called?"the second Alma mater". Ministry of Education attaches great importance to education leaders development. Dong Chuncai, Zhang Chengxian, He Dongchang, Li Tieying, Zhu Kaixuan, Chen Zhili, Zhou Ji, Zheng Shushan, Gu Hailiang and Yuan Guiren held concurrent post as the President of NAEA. Chen Baosheng, Secretary General of CPC MOE Committee and Minister of Education holds concurrent post as the President of NAEA. Ma Junjie is NAEA’s Party Secretary General and Executive Vice President.

  In order to adapt to the new requirements in the new situation, give full play to lead, demonstrate and expand in education leaders development, NAEA has set up China E-learning Academy for Education Leadership and Administration as well as several on-line training and learning platforms, namely E-learning Academy for MOE Administrators, China E-learning Academy for Teachers, E-learning Academy for University Student Counselor, E-learning Party School for University Students,E-learning Party School for Primary and Secondary Schools and National College Ideological and Political Work Service Platform. Construction of “NAEA On Web” ?has become increasingly mature.

  NAEA is always holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhering to Marxism-leninism, Mao zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" Important Thought, the Concept of Scientific Development, Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristic for a New Era and putting idea and faith education in the first place. It makes every effort to cultivate socialist politician and educator who knows about politics, education and good management. It always adheres to the basic principle of being led by the Party, strict governance, rigorous learning and excellent teaching. It has courage to bear the responsibility, forge ahead, and continuously creates a new phase in the training of education leaders. It always takes the core work of the CPC MOE Central Committee as its focus serving China’s education reform and development. It carries out the Party and the country’s vital and strategic guidelines of education reform and development in the whole training process. It follows the rule of education and rule of growth of leaders putting learners in the first place and vigorously exploring new mode of "wisdom?growth" and focuses on building outstanding programs. It pays close attention on front line issues in education reform, focuses on key but challenging issues in education development, and strives to build a high-end think tank that serves the nation’s education strategic decision making.