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 Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of Hertfordshire Mrs Julie Newlan made a presentation on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Britain at NAEA

  On November 22, Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of Hertfordshire Ms Julie Newlan visited NAEA and made a presentation titled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Britain" to participants of the 55th University Mid-level Administrators' Program.

  Mrs. Julie Newlan gave a brief overview of the University of Hertfordshire, and introduced concept and approaches of innovation and entrepreneurship education at the University. Julie Newlan believed that it was important to have a strategic planning and sufficient funds. She said that Innovation and entrepreneurship education covered all students at the University of Hertfordshire. The university integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education with professional courses according to the industry need. The university also provided support to the students who are interested in starting a business, helping them to getting through the "dangerous period" of three to five years after graduation.

  After the presentation, Mrs. Julie Newlan and the participants exchanged views on a number of issues, including the relationship between study and entrepreneurship, planning and implementation, curriculum design, and incentive policy.


Date: 26 November 2018

Writer: 国际合作与培训部