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 Wilfrid Laurier University Delegation Visited NAEA

  Mr. David McMurray, Vice President of student affairs, Ms. Jennifer Casey, assistant Vice President and Mr. Yang He, director of international affairs of Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) visited NAEA On December 3. Vice President Yu Jingtian met with the delegation.

  Yu expressed a sincere welcome, stating that the two sides have held a fruitful cooperation since the embark on the "overseas training program for university presidents from central and west region of China" in 2015, referring that the concept and cultivation mode of "student-oriented" in developed countries is worth learning from, and the two sides should deepen practical cooperation in these areas.

  Yu briefed the delegation with some of the key concepts and ideas of the National Education Conference which was held in September 2018 in China, including the goal of training talents for all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetic and hard-working, strengthening faculty development, calling for a joint effort from government, society, schools and families in preparing students, and enhancing education services and innovative development capabilities, etc.

  McMurray responded that he was very pleased and excited to hear the satisfactory feedback from the delegation of the previous session. He believed that the administrators and teachers of WLU also benefited a lot from participating in the program and would like to continue making efforts to provide better training for the program in the future. Mentioning that the goal of education in Canada has always been to cultivate all-round talents, which is the common topic in both China and Canada. He agreed that the two sides should continue to strengthen cooperation in the field of talent cultivation and student service in the future.

  This is the fourth time since WLU has visited NAEA. The talks further deepened the understanding between the two sides and the exchanged views and ideas help enhance more cooperation in the future.


Date: 05 December 2018

Writer: 国际合作与培训部