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 The 45th Program for Directors of Education at City Level Has Been Successfully Completed

  On the afternoon of March 16th, the 45th Program for Directors of Education at City Level  closing ceremony was held at NAEA. Vice President Yu Jingtian attended the event and delivered a speech. The monitor of the program, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Jinan Education Wang Pinmu made a summary report on the event. Bao Jinling, head teacher and Associate Professor of the Department of Education Administration, made a summary of the teaching work.

  Yu Jingtian believed that the program schedule was very compact and everyone had learned a lot. He said that NAEA was a family for educational administrators, and NAEA would continue to provide a variety of services, such as providing courses on China E-learning Academy for Education Leadership and Administration for all the participants. Yu hoped that all the participants could maintain the community of our study, and that the class committee would continue to play its role in maintaining the friendship of the class. Meanwhile, Yu hoped that NAEA would cooperate with relevant local units to further strengthen the links between NAEA and the participants through the collaboration mechanism of national education administrators training, integrate high-quality education resources, build our spiritual home together, and jointly create good environment for education.

  Bao Jinling summed up that this program had the following characteristics: firstly, it was politically oriented and had clear direction; secondly, this program communicated national policies and measures to improve the administrative execution and execution level; thirdly, it was also issue-oriented and built platform for the participants to solve practical problems; fourthly, the participants were organized to teach in primary and secondary schools, and all the participants gained a lot by this way; fifthly, this program did some vestigations cooperating with the Ministry of Education to help policy formulation. She hoped that the participants would continue to learn and take the initiative after return, further improve the level of public services, enhance the ability of scientific co-ordination of regional education, and make new contributions to promoting the reform and development of basic education.

  Wang Pinmu, speaking on behalf of the students, believed that the parogram had benefited them a lot from its professinal and scientific design, orderly organization and implementation, as well as  considerate service. He also expressed his respectation and gratitude to NAEA leaders and teachers. He said that they would deeply grasp the macro, medium and micro aspects of educational reform after return, and always take promoting comprehensive education reform as the root of satisfying people's needs on education. All of them would accelerate local education reform with new ideas and new measures by fully using the achievements in this program.

  63 participants took part in this 21-day program and they studied through various methods like reports, lectures, structured seminars, on-site teaching, face-to-face policy discussions, ect. (Chinese version by Yang Cheng, Department of Education Administration, NAEA; English by Office for Internaional Cooperation)


Date: 18 March 2019

Writer: 国际合作与培训部