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 “Implementing the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan" Training Program kicked off at NAEA

  On the morning of April 16th, the first “Implementing the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan" Training Program, sponsored by the Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education and NAEA, successfully kicked off. Director Wang Jiping and Vice President Yu Jingtian attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony is presided over by Professor Xing Hui, the head teacher of the program and the director of the Vocational Education Research Center of NAEA.

  Yu first welcomed all the participants to attend the training program on behalf of NAEA, and introduced the general situation and functional orientation of NAEA, then said that all the departments would work together to provide good service for the program. In order to ensure the efficiency of this short-term training, Yu Jingtian hoped all the participants would change their roles as soon as possible, concentrate on learning, strengthen their Party spirit, strictly abide by the training discipline, and successfully complete various learning tasks.

  In Wang Jiping’s report, he pointed out that the Plan put forward new goals, new judgments and new requirements for striving to run Vocational Education in the new era. The top-level design of Vocational Education and the following arrangement has been completed. In the future, they would provide high-quality human resources support for promoting the modernization of education and running education that people are satisfied with.

  This training program is an important measure of implementing the Plan and promoting the reform of Vocational Education for Vocational Education and Adult Education of the Ministry. A total of 155 persons, including the administrators responsible for Vocational Education in the educational administration departments, the administrators of Human Social Resources and Social Security Bureau, Development and Reform Commission as well as financial departments and the heads and the Secretaries-General of Teaching Steering Committee of Vocational Education from all provinces (districts and municipalities) will have five-day training at NAEA. (Chinese version by Guo Jing, Department of Education, NAEA; English by Office for International Cooperation, NAEA)


Date: 17 April 2019

Writer: 国际合作与培训部