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 Vice Minister Weng Tiehui delivered a kick-off speech at the “Accelerating the Double First-class Construction Seminar”

  On May 28, “Accelerating the Double First-class Construction Seminar” was held at NAEA. Vice Minister of Education Weng Tiehui delivered a kick-off speech for all trainees.

  Weng pointed out that how to interpret the so-called first-class determined the direction and method of Double First-class Construction. Double First-class is defined at international level instead of local level; it pursues world-class faculty and staff instead of merely world-class buildings and libraries; it asks for a bunch of top-tier universities and disciplines to take the lead. She emphasized that local universities should keep in mind the mission of Double First-class Construction, optimizing the allocation of resources and conducting scientific evaluation. She also mentioned that at this critical stage, local universities should elevate the Party’s ruling power, make scientific plan and strengthen the overall planning at the provincial level.

  This seminar involves 171 middle and senior managers from Double First-class universities. They spoke highly of Weng’s speech, as it was of great help for them to organize the specific work in practice. They all said that they would devote themselves whole-heartedly to the Double First-class construction, and make contributions for the promotion of our country’s educational and scientific power. (Chinese version by Yang Zhongchao, Department of School Management, NAEA; English by Guo Zhen, Office for International Cooperation, NAEA)


Date: 29 May 2019

Writer: 国际合作与培训部