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?Research Management Office

 The Research Management Office is the comprehensive management and Service Department of the coordination and academic exchange of scientific research organizations of the college. The main functions are as follows:

 1. responsible for planning and organizing the implementation of scientific research project; organization and management of the vertical and horizontal research project application; scientific research funds accounts management; scientific research archives management and other related work.

 2. responsible for the academic library publishing fund management and other related work.

 3. responsible for the organization of academic lectures and foreign academic exchanges.

 4. responsible for the daily work of the academic committee of the college.

 5. responsible for the Secretariat of the Higher Education Management Branch of the China Institute of higher education.

 6. responsible for the work of the Specialized Committee Secretariat of the educational administration of the China Institute of education.

 7. responsible for the development of resources and other related work of the college think tank.

 8. responsible for the cooperation with universities and colleges at home and abroad to carry out the relevant work of visiting scholars, postgraduate training and management.

 9. responsible for the examination and approval, management and assessment of the non-entity research center of the college.

 Tel:+86 10 69248888-3329(scientific research management)

 +86 10 69248888-3303(The Institute Secretariat)

 +86 10 69248888-3488(management of visiting scholars)


 E-mail:keyan@naea.edu.cn(scientific research management)

 gjglmishuchu@naea.edu.cn(Higher Education Management Branch of CAHE)

 jyxzmishuchu@naea.edu.cn(Educational Administration Specialized Committee of CSE)

 fxgl@naea.edu.cn(management of visiting scholars)